Haiti Region

The Haiti Region is made up of Haiti's 10 Departments.

Each department has its own "working group" of people who come together with ideas and solutions to tackle their department's biggest issues, as well as recommend projects that benefit our global community.

Members join Sector Groups within each department they're most interested in contributing to because of their experiences, knowledge, and skills. Members can also simply follow sector groups they want to receive updates on.

The most impactful projects are decided by Sector Group Members, which are then passed along to the Governing Committee for final review, evaluation, and eventual funding of projects.

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Haiti's 10 Departments

Artibonite Departme

Committee supporting the Artibonite Department.

Centre Department

Committee supporting the Centre Department.

Grand'Anse Departmen

Committee supporting the Grand'Anse Department.

Nippes Department

Committee supporting the Nippes Department.

Nord Department

Committee supporting the Nord Department.

Nord-Ouest Departmen

Committee supporting the Nord-Ouest Department.

Ouest Department

Committee supporting the Ouest Department.

Sud Department

Committee supporting the Sud Department.

Sud-Est Department

Committee supporting the Sud Department.

Haiti Region Sector Groups

Haiti ideas and issues are discussed in Diaspora Region Sector Groups, such as the ones shown below. The Solutions from the Sector Group committees get passed on to the Governing Committee that selects projects to be funded and implemented.
To participate in a Sector Group that interest you, join a Diaspora Region.

Water and Sanitation

The Water and Sanitation Committee is responsible for ideas and solutions that makes clean water available in ev......

Travel and Tourism

The Travel and Tourism Committee is responsible for ideas and solutions that help develop a vibrant and thriving......

Sports and Recreation

The Sports and Recreation Committee is responsible for ideas and solutions to a more vibrant and competitive spo......

Law and Justice

The Law and Justice Committee works with its partners to help improve the laws of the country, solidify the just......

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