About The 11th Department

We are a community of active individuals, nonprofits, businesses, and Friends of Haiti working towards an organized community for a more prosperous Haitian Diaspora and Haiti. We have come together to leverage our human and financial resources, power, and influence for the advancement of Haiti and of our people.

The 11th Department is a non-profit organization with the mission to help move Haiti forward one project at a time. We do this by selecting and funding projects of the Haitian Diaspora that lead towards a more prosperous Haiti. Its members use the 11th Department Platform to discuss and debate the big issues facing Haiti and is Diaspora, and devise Projects that help tackle the most challenging problems facing the country.

As an organization, the 11th Department helps pull Haitian Diaspora Human and Financial Resources together to fund and implement Haiti and Diaspora Projects that the Diaspora Region communities have approved to work on. It acts as a "gatekeeper" and "manager" only. It is there to serve the Haitian Diaspora and Haitian interests.

Through the activities of the 11th Department Members, we advance Haiti's position and image around the globe.

How Does The Platform Work

Step 1 - Membership

Choose Membership Level

When you register, you get to choose how you would like to participate or engage with the 11th Department Communities and Members. Choose the membership level that is right for you. Individuals, nonprofit organizations, and businesses can join by selecting the membership level that offers the level of access and engagement they want.

You can upgrade/downgrade your membership level at any time. You can also cancel your membership at any time.

By joining the 11th Department, you get to participate in conversations taking place about Haiti and the Diaspora, and take part in the decisions on Projects that members want to fund and/or engage in.

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