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Why 11th Department

Why 11th Department

Connect. Communicate. Act
The 11thDepartment.org Platform is indispensable for communications, connections, and taking actions:
  • Communicating and connecting with each other as a nation of people with a common need
  • Doing and finishing projects that promote togetherness and advancement of Haitians on a global level
  • Strengthening our culture and our impact on our global community
  • Identifying opportunities for our members and the Haitian people
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18 Communities Acting as One

18 Communities Acting as One

The 11th Department Platform is made up of 8 Diaspora Regions and Haiti's 10 Departments.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

Step 1 - Choose Membership Level

Choose Membership Level

When you register, you get to choose how you would like to participate or engage with the 11th Department Diaspora Regions (Communities) and Members. Choose the membership level that is right for you. Individuals, nonprofit organizations, and businesses can join by selecting the membership level that offers the level of access and engagement they want.

You can upgrade/downgrade your membership level at any time. You can also cancel your membership at any time.

By joining the 11th Department, you get to participate in conversations taking place about Haiti and the Diaspora, and take part in the decisions on Projects that members want to fund and/or engage in.

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Sector Groups

Haiti ideas and issues are discussed in Diaspora Region Sector Groups, such as the ones shown below. The Solutions from the Sector Group committees get passed on to the Governing Committee that selects projects to be funded and implemented.
To participate in a Sector Group that interest you, join a Diaspora Region.

Higher Education

The Higher Education Sub-Sector Group for Education focuses on higher learning. Some of the goals are to: improve cur......

Water and Sanitation

The Water and Sanitation Committee is responsible for ideas and solutions that makes clean water available in ev......

Travel and Tourism

The Travel and Tourism Committee is responsible for ideas and solutions that help develop a vibrant and thriving......

Sports and Recreation

The Sports and Recreation Committee is responsible for ideas and solutions to a more vibrant and competitive spo......

Working Together for a Better Haiti

Working Together for a Better Haiti

Through Leverage and Influence
About Us
We are a community of active individuals, nonprofits, businesses, and Friends of Haiti working towards a more organized community for a more prosperous Haitian Diaspora and Haiti. We have come together to leverage our human and financial resources, power, and influence for the advancement of Haiti.
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Active Members

Active Members

Connect with 11th Department Members doing their part for a better Haiti. Join us now and play a role in areas that interests you, such as Education, Health Care, Agriculture and more.

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